Our goal is to build a self-sustaining ophthalmology clinic in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia - a rural city that can provide medical care access to both the capital and those who live in less urbanized areas. Using a meticulously planned tiered pricing system, the clinic will be affordable for all, and run by professionals that our doctors and other health care professionals will train. 


  1. Health Education - Water sanitation and hygiene education for the community. The prevalence of active trachoma is dramatically lower in towns with good water and personal sanitation.

  2. General Care - Common antibiotics and antifungal treatment such as azithromycin, g-ciprofloxacin and g-econazole.
  3. Surgical Care - Extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) and phacoemulsification.
  4. Epidemiology Research - Research projects to standardize treatment protocols for the community.
  5. Mid-level Provider and Outreach Worker Training - Training programs for nurses, physician assistants, and health outreach workers to provide care for our rural patients.
  6. Physician support - Medical equipment/supply support for local medical centers and quality of care supervision.